Sunday 01 Feb 2015

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Some say he's one ball short of an over... some say he bowls round the wicket... all we know is he's called the Don

The Cricketer has introduced an extra elite element to its bat-testing and reviewing guide....

HIS NAME is the Don and he is a current county cricketer with several thousand first-class runs under his belt and a fair few years’ experience in the game. To preserve his modesty and anonymity we are not going to tell you any more about him but trust us when we say he knows what he is talking about.

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So in addition to the knowledgeable and experienced club players who have tested all this year’s bats on pages 6 to 16 – and they are some of the country’s top club players – our batsman the Don has also used (and in some cases abused) them to bring you an unrivalled analysis of the offerings from the nation’s bat-makers big and small.

The Don is also on Twitter and, when he is not playing, he will be answering any kit queries you have as well as giving an insider’s guide to the county season. Follow him @WisdenCric_Don.

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